Sparks and short circuits

Fate or intention might have pulled me to you
But the second we met felt like a short circuit
The plug of my silence wasn’t meant to go through
But Nobody really stopped the flow of your current

Any outsider can tell of your resistance
Nobody knew how much greater i tried to hide mine
But the outside forces had so much persistence
The energy inside amplified made you shine

So we managed to fit the two of us together
Launching sparks of our silence and laughter in midair
The person we hide thrives in our forever
Our smiles revealed so much more than we can ever dare

I will not admit to any attraction
But You make the room fade and all that is above
Though i’m sure love isn’t part of the equation
I know that I like you better than falling in love


Distant Angel

It’s been days that I have regret

That destiny did not chance us together

Once before we were meant to cross paths

But time and fate decided not yet

For now, ties of unwoven strings must sever

Rage of thunderstorms I must learn to weather

But bearing strikes makes the heart grow fonder

The ease of your smile makes my hope go farther

Farther my heart leaps everyday

Everyday I chance the simplicity that is your face

The lullaby in your voice and the kindness that is you

To you I’m a mere stranger, not a friend, not a lover

Yet you’re a savior in times chivalry has withered

I do not ask to be remembered by name or by face

I just wanna say thank you and lock you in embrace.