Two years later

Just today it came to me

It has been two years now

It’s been great and I’m happy

But I really miss you somehow


I try to know you as much as I can

Catching up on stories we forgot to tell

It’s been a long road; you’re a changed man

I’m proud of you and I wish you well


You’ve made your way to a great start

Trying real hard to reach your stars

Gaining admiration for the beauty of your art

I’m praising you wearing anonymous scars


I’ve heard that you’re writing again

I’m glad that you’ve taken what I can’t

You’re making name by the stroke of your pen

Somehow letting me know how your life went


They say you’ve been growing your hair

You’ve changed your attitude and look

They say you got a tattoo somewhere

I hope inside you’re still the same book


We’ve been different, I can tell

Sometimes I’m afraid just to even talk

‘Cause my old friend already said farewell

The day you changed the way you walk


Though what I fear is not the changing you

But that I’d change to the final gram

If I dressed up in my everything new

Would you still know who I am?


If we stood among the crowd

Like it’s the first day we met

I hope your eyes would speak so loud

To tell me you’ll never forget



They call her a superhero

Extraordinary girl with invisibility

Always listening to cries on the radio

Helping others has become her necessity


She carries weight for those who can’t bear

She wipes fear away from those that weep

But the credit and glory she does not share

Other heroes parade; in darkness she sleeps


Even out of disguise; Still the same

Shoulder to lean on but never recalled

Hide and seek- always a losing game

Standing obvious, her person remains walled


So she looks down to the streets of living

Where people share joy, triumph, and fear

Strangers look up thinking raindrops are falling

­­­­Every time a superhero sheds a tear