It feels absolutely mental right now. I use to know how to fix the broken things around me. Even when they are not mine, I’d always find a way to put shattered things together. Right now, shards are everywhere and I can’t really tell how they fit anymore, the worst part is they’re mine.


Somebody please redefine to me the meaning of privacy and personal space.

It’s hard to be born and raised around the idea of being at bliss and content with the things you can have for yourself and have that very idea destroyed the moment you grow up and start to realize how much you take shelter from it.

There is a difference between wanting to relate or trying to learn and deliberately pushing yourself inside closed quarters that are not meant to be occupied by people who belong on the outside. Some should learn that actually talking and listening to someone is a much more helpful way of  getting to know someone as opposed to purely scrutinizing every little gesture they make and every action they decide upon.


The thing about finding people you love…

is that it makes life more vivid and interesting

it gives you more reasons to wake up in the morning and sleep with a smile on your heart

it gives you that special push to get out of bed and do something with your life

it gives you something to think about, dream about, write about and remember

though I reckon that whenever you find more people to love…

you find more people that could break your heart into a million possible pieces that once shattered can never fit in the same way again…


Happy Valentines to everyone…

Work in Progress

It’s unfortunate that I cannot grow roses that are blue

Because I think they look good with the yellow ones given by you

But fortunate we can make roses and hearts out of paper

And scribble in them our version of a love letter


It’s unlucky that music cannot literally fill the air

Because I’d really love a soundtrack whenever I touch your hair

But lucky that you’re good at playing the guitar

Because that’s the best sight I’ve seen so far


Too bad we don’t have a night sky that we can surely call ours

Because I’d love to take you dancing above and across the stars

But good that the sun fills our afternoon skies

And that it always sets perfectly in your eyes


Some say it’s not enough, a lifetime for this

For love, for romance, for one true kiss

But only once did…

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Fall of Rain in Yellow Lane

A lovely story from my amazing twin 🙂

Work in Progress

     They say in yellow lane, clouds sail in streaks of silver, rarely does rain kiss the ground and no thunder would linger. Window panes and brick walls shine in golden light, bystanders seem as if they were holding sunlight. I wanted to capture that sight in a frame,One image I wanted to come by with my name. 2 miles I have walked, this was it, I could tell, but faster than my breath, in heavy stream, rain fell. 3 feet from where I stood the sun didn’t cease to shine. The rain had a border, a somewhat marginal line. Pacing a few steps I caught sight of somebody; by the rain, in the parting sun, a woman stood lonely. It wasn’t the photograph I had in mind, but the image I’ve captured was a remarkable find. She looked at me as if she had something to say, so…

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