Walking on the sidelines

I wanted to stand in the middle of the road
And see what life’s like on the fast track
I want to see the road in its fullness
And gasp at the infinity that stretches before me

But they told me to stay away from broken lines
If you can’t swerve away from those big machines
The road is made not for fragile lost souls
Better step aside than with death collide

So I walked by the sidelines where it is safe
But even the edge of the road has its limits
Shoulder to shoulder with a million strangers
You move aside to help give them way

Going farther from those yellow broken lines
You’re almost losing sight of the road
Yet you take another step farther
’cause it is the sensitive thing to do

Walking now with gravel scarring your feet
In your thoughts, you begin to wonder
How much more distant can you get
Before you start falling over the edge