Distant Angel

It’s been days that I have regret

That destiny did not chance us together

Once before we were meant to cross paths

But time and fate decided not yet

For now, ties of unwoven strings must sever

Rage of thunderstorms I must learn to weather

But bearing strikes makes the heart grow fonder

The ease of your smile makes my hope go farther

Farther my heart leaps everyday

Everyday I chance the simplicity that is your face

The lullaby in your voice and the kindness that is you

To you I’m a mere stranger, not a friend, not a lover

Yet you’re a savior in times chivalry has withered

I do not ask to be remembered by name or by face

I just wanna say thank you and lock you in embrace.


Lucky charms

Dear friend, free yourself of fret and fear

Wipe yourself clean from marks of insanity

And I’ll open my hands to catch your every tear

Give you a smile from the sea of no gravity


Stars shimmering, shooting across the sky

Shall gather in my palms in numbers of no end

And every ray of light will make your dreams fly

And the warmth of night, to your embrace I’ll send


I’ll wrap it with feathers from angel wings

To calm the storms that may come your way

Sprinkle it with dust from magical things

To send your doubts and insecurities away


Hope you accept with sparkle in your eyes

My apology for my untimely demise


Happiness is…

7:30 mornings seemingly lost in a trance

Sharing an understanding with you in silence

It’s dozing off, sitting at the back of the room

Watching you listen to class in your costume


Happiness is afternoons when feelings are entirely hopeless

So we fill our thoughts with pop, rock and punk voices

It’s when everything gets more weary than before

So we share a hug before the teacher walks through the door


Happiness is disrupting the class with random shouting

accompanied by corny jokes that’s still worth our laughing

It’s endless breaks when you’re playing the guitar

About songs of September or cruising afar


Happiness is wrongfully credited triumphs won by you

And heart-shattering defeats cried out by two

It’s a circle of people completely trusting

Standing together in failure, shame and cheating


Happiness is mindlessly running fingers through your curly hair

Staring at how the rays make your skin sunset fair

It’s crossing the busy street, holding hands

Not minding if other people misunderstands


Happiness is 4:30 afternoons eating at the bottom steps

Laughing at things that sees no depths

It’s saying goodbye to the wonderful people you know

It’s writing this, missing them as you watch each go.