Skin Disease

My father always tells me to keep my hands on the side

“Don’t touch your face, don’t run them through your arms.”

I was well aware that gazing at the sun would run red to the surface

I know well enough how fast my scratches bled.



Sometimes I’d still expect otherwise, it never hurts, it won’t bleed

So I dig the round edges of my nails deep against my skin and run it

A presence lingers but it was never pain, I look scourged but I don’t mind

I look at the mirror and see drizzles of blood spreading across my face

“Things are not as bad as they look.” is all I said.



They call her a superhero

Extraordinary girl with invisibility

Always listening to cries on the radio

Helping others has become her necessity


She carries weight for those who can’t bear

She wipes fear away from those that weep

But the credit and glory she does not share

Other heroes parade; in darkness she sleeps


Even out of disguise; Still the same

Shoulder to lean on but never recalled

Hide and seek- always a losing game

Standing obvious, her person remains walled


So she looks down to the streets of living

Where people share joy, triumph, and fear

Strangers look up thinking raindrops are falling

­­­­Every time a superhero sheds a tear


Clouds collide

A falling star may brush the night

Bursting colors when she’s up high

But down below, she’s not so bright

Just a metallic shard out of sky


A stargazer can pass by, ignore the crater

Unmind the rock of less magnificence

But open your eyes, stay a little later

Explosion of stardust, will take your innocence


Take a step down, closer, dig deeper

Talk to her, take her hand, walk by her side

Know she’s the same sky light, my foolish seeker

Learn all this time, in front of your eyes, clouds collide


Heart of hopes

Silent soulful cries shed by distressed damsels

Call upon the heart of hopes in her sleep

With a wave of wand heartbreak farewells

Grants maidens eternal happiness to keep


She’s not a flabby, fluffy old folk

Just a girl graced with generosity

Weaving royalty romance with a single stroke

Watching prince and princess kiss to infinity


And she follows the scene with such longing

How does one give hope in sacrifice of love?

Why are chances given up for other’s wishing

And part with your prince to put others above?


Do godmothers ever win the man in the armour

Or is a chance at love just something to hope for?