Walking on the sidelines

I wanted to stand in the middle of the road
And see what life’s like on the fast track
I want to see the road in its fullness
And gasp at the infinity that stretches before me

But they told me to stay away from broken lines
If you can’t swerve away from those big machines
The road is made not for fragile lost souls
Better step aside than with death collide

So I walked by the sidelines where it is safe
But even the edge of the road has its limits
Shoulder to shoulder with a million strangers
You move aside to help give them way

Going farther from those yellow broken lines
You’re almost losing sight of the road
Yet you take another step farther
’cause it is the sensitive thing to do

Walking now with gravel scarring your feet
In your thoughts, you begin to wonder
How much more distant can you get
Before you start falling over the edge


Heart of hopes

Silent soulful cries shed by distressed damsels

Call upon the heart of hopes in her sleep

With a wave of wand heartbreak farewells

Grants maidens eternal happiness to keep


She’s not a flabby, fluffy old folk

Just a girl graced with generosity

Weaving royalty romance with a single stroke

Watching prince and princess kiss to infinity


And she follows the scene with such longing

How does one give hope in sacrifice of love?

Why are chances given up for other’s wishing

And part with your prince to put others above?


Do godmothers ever win the man in the armour

Or is a chance at love just something to hope for?


Lucky charms

Dear friend, free yourself of fret and fear

Wipe yourself clean from marks of insanity

And I’ll open my hands to catch your every tear

Give you a smile from the sea of no gravity


Stars shimmering, shooting across the sky

Shall gather in my palms in numbers of no end

And every ray of light will make your dreams fly

And the warmth of night, to your embrace I’ll send


I’ll wrap it with feathers from angel wings

To calm the storms that may come your way

Sprinkle it with dust from magical things

To send your doubts and insecurities away


Hope you accept with sparkle in your eyes

My apology for my untimely demise


Catching fire

She took the world’s anger with her

Bit it, broke it and bottled it up

Secured, sealed locked till none can sever

But easily unlocked with a thunder’s drop


Peering through peace a perilous storm

Cutting fragile glass to a million stars

Rage released sparked rain in fire form

Madness drizzles, so she catches scars


Collecting wrath’s crippling, corrupted sands

Painted a spectrum of blood in her hands


No more tears

Humans do think

That the worst parts

In life are those

That reflect shadows


When there’s camaraderie

Between complex emotions

Dramatic climax clashes

And lachrymal overflows


Those moments when

Science loses reason

To comprehend why

In dire times, tears fall


The whole world crashes

And nothing is left

But to unleash the beast

Solely owned by human soul


We break down

Beat ourselves red and dry

As a simple reminder that

We’re broken yet alive


Would heartbreak’s epitome

Really be a rain of life?

I think only the worst

If we can no longer cry


Far from dreams

Monday evening and everything was quiet like before

Save for the wind’s howling and footsteps at the door

The father stands outside holding the chiming keys

Turns the lock, walks in and closes the door gently


He greets the children with smiles and a hug with each

All of them welcoming his wine-sunken reach

He makes his way to a couch to watch the old tv

Frowning, while listening to all daughters laugh with glee


He slowly glances to the table into a huge pile of work

Been twenty years working and he’s still just a clerk

For a moment, he thought of all that could’ve been

Silent as his thoughts slowly slips into the land of unseen


Later that night, when midnight was fast approaching

The mother comes home too tired to be knocking

She lays down her things and prepares for sleep

Kisses the night and her daughters dreaming deep


She lays down in bed and thinks about a home

Where the house is small and nights don’t feel alone

She coughs a little, strained, her lungs give aching

When her eyes closed, she dreams of everything missing


Not far away, the little daughter stays wide awake

But keeping conscious does not wash away the ache

Even in sleeping, there is no real escape it seems

‘Cause truth’s that they’re all far away from their dreams


Happiness is…

7:30 mornings seemingly lost in a trance

Sharing an understanding with you in silence

It’s dozing off, sitting at the back of the room

Watching you listen to class in your costume


Happiness is afternoons when feelings are entirely hopeless

So we fill our thoughts with pop, rock and punk voices

It’s when everything gets more weary than before

So we share a hug before the teacher walks through the door


Happiness is disrupting the class with random shouting

accompanied by corny jokes that’s still worth our laughing

It’s endless breaks when you’re playing the guitar

About songs of September or cruising afar


Happiness is wrongfully credited triumphs won by you

And heart-shattering defeats cried out by two

It’s a circle of people completely trusting

Standing together in failure, shame and cheating


Happiness is mindlessly running fingers through your curly hair

Staring at how the rays make your skin sunset fair

It’s crossing the busy street, holding hands

Not minding if other people misunderstands


Happiness is 4:30 afternoons eating at the bottom steps

Laughing at things that sees no depths

It’s saying goodbye to the wonderful people you know

It’s writing this, missing them as you watch each go.


Harold was a man

Quietly thinking to himself of someone named Sam
Filling his thoughts of memories of joy and laughter
In flashes of hugs and kisses did his thoughts swam
Feelings of warm touches and pulling Sam closer

The thoughts were so vivid and more burning than reality
As if every single heartbeat was a sound of great magnitude
Shaking every bit of his being in a blissful state of frailty
The roaring hunger within makes the romance renewed

He thought of Sam’s eyes, their shared glances and stares
He felt Sam’s lips and heard the whispers they shared
He remembered how Sam’s touch fight off his nightmares
He remembered Sam and he was never scared

The biting cold of the wind nudges him to wake
The ticking of the clock hauling him from his trance
As the vague chatter of strangers began to overtake
Each whispering to another his own tale of romance

Some converse about a bride and a wedding plan
He waved off the thought of someday marrying Sam
Like everybody in the room, Harold was a man
He desires and loves… a man named Sam.


The girl in the bridal dress

A Masterpiece woven by reality and dreams
The heroine of the perfect fairy tale romance
Showered with allure down to the end of the seams
Fiery seduction hiding underneath ivory innocence

She inspires lust much as she emulates love
Dangerous figure hiding under a little white corset
Details of fragile artwork in a layer of lace above
Topped with a gentle stare that shoots men like a bullet

Her long locks spread like butterfly wings
Arcs and curves in the colour of sunset dreams
Sealed with chains of silver shiny things
Behind a bouquet of flowers, her smile beams

She gazes to the mirror and an illusory reflection
She catches her breath in a moment of awe
Others would gasp in envy of her fortune
Clutching the perfect man’s heart in her claw

She steps forward today to swear forever
Shedding but a single tear of joy as it seems
But nothing could hurt the girl in the bridal dress better
Than marrying the brother of the girl of her dreams