A little less quiet

You were just a boy who smiled to the whole world

You never let pain and anger take away that demeanor

And every crying, struggling voice you’ve heard

Whoever steps in, friend or stranger, you’d deny your love to neither


She was just a girl who kept her heart open

She would never let time nor absence take her to limits

All empty hands she would fill with an ocean

Whoever calls out, friend or stranger, she’d bleed out her minutes


You were to give the world your everything

She was to stop at nothing, trying and understanding

But the world’s too frenzied to give anything

Even when she shouts the world hears absolute nothing


Everyone says you have been the nicest boy

Everyone said her smile was a sunshine to their life

But no one would turn to celebrate your joy

No one held her hand when she’s bleeding under the knife


Years and years of kindness felt all sad and cruel

You kept strong though no one saw your heart’s in a riot

Lonely girl felt the world had played her a fool

Until your smile made her world a little less quiet




*this is one is dedicated to my best friend, who I believe with my whole heart is one of the nicest person who has ever existed on this planet. I will forever be thankful to all the forces of nature that allowed us to meet each other. In your silent ways you have made our lonely worlds a little less quiet and I hope that one day you’d get to read this, when I feel like I am brave enough to or when I have made a more decent version of this that you can be proud of. 


Mechanical Girl

Little Carrie was like most little girls

She had big bright eyes and two dancing feet

She wore a dress and ribbon-ed all her curls

She would smile to all and walk with a beat

All those who pass by the shop would agree

What a marvel, brilliant, talented child

She was kind, generous, even pretty

Her presence makes the indifferent wild


But poor little girl when the day is done

None’s left but metal joints and rusted gears

Love to a lifeless is given by none

Who’d love someone with no joy and no tears

She might have cried of loneliness or pain

Wiped her cheeks thinking ‘it might just be rain’