Black Star

Tiny little lights spread across the sky

In the darkness of the night, an innocent soul might

Never learn the mortality of your existence

In his desperate hope to find burning light

To find spark for his lifeless soul

To deny the darkness that resides deep inside

To hold together the gaping trenches  of his heart

To once again feel desire and wonder and passion

He might cling to your passed away light

Trace your life back together

Even when all that’s left is endless nothing

And a streak of light, a thousand light years too late

part one: https://happinessisaquietroom.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/tiny/




Little lights

Spread across

The sky/ in the darkness

Of the night, an innocent soul hopes and dreams and wishes to you/ Will you, the brightest of

lights hear my hopes tonight?/ Will you in your endless days of shining and travelling

across galaxies and light-years, do me the kindness of stopping by

/ even just for a while. Give a spark to my lifeless soul/

illuminate the dark hole that is eating me

up inside/Fill the gaps of my life with your

stardust/ touch me with your temper and

let the heat of your remains spark the desire and

wonder and passion in           me/Allow me in the brief

streak of  your ..                                              passing light to

trace my ..                                                                        life back to-

gether                                                                                                     again.

part two: https://happinessisaquietroom.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/black-star/