Little lights

Spread across

The sky/ in the darkness

Of the night, an innocent soul hopes and dreams and wishes to you/ Will you, the brightest of

lights hear my hopes tonight?/ Will you in your endless days of shining and travelling

across galaxies and light-years, do me the kindness of stopping by

/ even just for a while. Give a spark to my lifeless soul/

illuminate the dark hole that is eating me

up inside/Fill the gaps of my life with your

stardust/ touch me with your temper and

let the heat of your remains spark the desire and

wonder and passion in           me/Allow me in the brief

streak of  your ..                                              passing light to

trace my ..                                                                        life back to-

gether                                                                                                     again.

part two: https://happinessisaquietroom.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/black-star/