Far from dreams

Monday evening and everything was quiet like before

Save for the wind’s howling and footsteps at the door

The father stands outside holding the chiming keys

Turns the lock, walks in and closes the door gently


He greets the children with smiles and a hug with each

All of them welcoming his wine-sunken reach

He makes his way to a couch to watch the old tv

Frowning, while listening to all daughters laugh with glee


He slowly glances to the table into a huge pile of work

Been twenty years working and he’s still just a clerk

For a moment, he thought of all that could’ve been

Silent as his thoughts slowly slips into the land of unseen


Later that night, when midnight was fast approaching

The mother comes home too tired to be knocking

She lays down her things and prepares for sleep

Kisses the night and her daughters dreaming deep


She lays down in bed and thinks about a home

Where the house is small and nights don’t feel alone

She coughs a little, strained, her lungs give aching

When her eyes closed, she dreams of everything missing


Not far away, the little daughter stays wide awake

But keeping conscious does not wash away the ache

Even in sleeping, there is no real escape it seems

‘Cause truth’s that they’re all far away from their dreams

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