The girl in the bridal dress

A Masterpiece woven by reality and dreams
The heroine of the perfect fairy tale romance
Showered with allure down to the end of the seams
Fiery seduction hiding underneath ivory innocence

She inspires lust much as she emulates love
Dangerous figure hiding under a little white corset
Details of fragile artwork in a layer of lace above
Topped with a gentle stare that shoots men like a bullet

Her long locks spread like butterfly wings
Arcs and curves in the colour of sunset dreams
Sealed with chains of silver shiny things
Behind a bouquet of flowers, her smile beams

She gazes to the mirror and an illusory reflection
She catches her breath in a moment of awe
Others would gasp in envy of her fortune
Clutching the perfect man’s heart in her claw

She steps forward today to swear forever
Shedding but a single tear of joy as it seems
But nothing could hurt the girl in the bridal dress better
Than marrying the brother of the girl of her dreams


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